Project Description

DUNE ACADEMY Trainer specializing in
Team skills improvement | Product and brand identity


  • Establishing, opening, managing & developing underwater leisure centers (diving / freediving / snorkeling) for the DUNE brand
  • Organizing and providing training for adults (CREPS, Water Agency, local authorities, etc.)
  • Developing offers for underwater discovery packages (Day trips and stays, in France and abroad)
  • Teaching and supervising activities (freediving, diving, snorkeling…)
  • Accommodating adult-child pedagogy, with curriculum adapted to specific audiences in the marine environment
  • Writing and co-writing reference books, guides, reviews, articles, on underwater hiking, underwater trails, the Mediterranean marine environment, freediving
  • Taking eco-tourism and coastal marine activities into account when scoping practice environments
  • Studying & diagnosing territory along the marine coast (biodiversity, uses of the sea)
  • Developing technical partnerships (expertise and product development in diving / freediving / snorkeling)


  • Since 1995: Establishing, developing and managing a network of underwater leisure centers in France for the DUNE brand (4 years)
  • Developing the offer of underwater products within the Dune company throughout its areas of operation, France and abroad (4 years)
  • Auditing and analysing activity potential, and supporting the development of an underwater practice center (France and abroad)
  • Training in sports, nature activities and coastal management
  • Writing specialized books
  • Auditing and advising on aquatic eco-tourism development
  • Supporting the development of underwater trails and their use
  • Creating, developing, and/or managing several underwater trails (Cassis, Mugel, Port d’Alon, Portissol)
  • Organizing teams
  • Providing education on coastal environments
  • Performing diagnostic studies on the coast and the marine environment with organizations such as the CNRS, the Conservatoire du Littoral, STARESO, CREOCEAN, etc.


  • 2006: National Freediving Instructor
  • 2005: Training in environmental mediation
  • 2004: Professional diver class 2B
  • 1998: State diploma in diving sports education, BEES1
  • 1994: Federal freediving instructor 2nd degree (MEF2)
  • 1994: 3rd university cycle (DESS) on the valuation of natural resources and specialized marine environments, Corte

Project Details